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Whether you are an individual looking for cutting-edge communication and public speaking training for yourself, or an organization looking for internal communication and public speaking training for your teams and leaders, Birmingham Speaks has a program that is the perfect fit for your goals and your budget.

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Individual Programs


 "You can improve your value by 50 percent just by learning communication skills–public speaking."

~Warren Buffet


Whether you have your eyes set on a c-suite office or you are an aspiring public speaker, Birmingham Speaks offers workshops, courses and individual coaching to help you achieve your goals. The world is looking for leaders who can communicate their ideas clearly, succinctly and in a way that connects, engages and inspires others. Are you ready to become one?

Organization Programs

"The art of communication is the language of leadership."

— James Humes

Great communication solves, and even prevents, most every organization challenges there is. It builds trust, solves problems, finds solutions and brings everyone's best to the table.


Whether you are looking for training to help your people make better presentations or training to help your people become better leaders, Birmingham Speaks helps you transform your organization and the people in it with customized communication and public speaking training.

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