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The Art of UNHustling - Foundations

WARNING: If your sole goal in this life is to make more money at all costs, this is NOT the course for you.
If, however, you goal is to live a life that blows your mind because you feel at ease, confident, purposeful, connected, joyful AND successful, keep reading. You’ll find what you are looking for here.

I’m so tired of damaging messages and strategies that are everywhere in transformational coaching.  They actually make me physically ill. I’ve heard one too many confessions from incredibly successful women who feel so hollowed-out, so lost, so disconnected from the joyful life they thought they’d have. It’s a heart-wrenching gut punch, every single time.

Whether you sign up for this course or not, here’s what I want you to know:

A mind-blowingly successful life does not demand payment of your overwhelm, exhaustion, emotional breakdown and the well-being of those you love most in this world.

The world of “you have to have a major breakdown to have a major break-through” is a lie. It’s as simple as that. It’s a lie that keeps you feeling broken, that expects you to suffer immense pain, in order to have what you want.

What the Actual F***?!

It’s so easy to buy into, though, right?  I know because I fell into that trap.  I listened to all the BS and actually started believing there was something wrong with ME because I didn’t have all that I was after.

I followed all the advice.

  • I was hustling more.

  • I was pushing more.

  • I was grinding more.

  • I was crushing it more.

  • I was going harder.

  • I was growing faster.

  • And doing all the other exhausting things I was told to do because I believed that the only way to “have it all” was to keep doing more.


And I was miserable.  More important, those I love so dearly were paying way too high a price for this dream I was chasing.

If I wasn’t willing to find another way for my own sake, I was absolutely willing to find another way for theirs.  I loved them more than any amount of success I might achieve.

That’s how The Art of UnHustling was born.

I took all of my experience as a c-suite strategy consultant and executive coach and mashed it up with my personal spiritual practices and brain science obsession to create a way of working and living that doesn’t require hustling, pushing, grinding, burning-out, breaking down, overwhelm or exhaustion to achieve a mind-blowingly successful life.


The Art of UnHustling only asks three three things:

∞ Know Yourself (really well).

∞ Love Yourself (really well).

∞ Trust Yourself (really well).
Master these three foundational concepts and everything else starts tipping like dominos (and equally fast).

You can have the life you want. It’s ready and waiting for you.
The only price it asks is a shift in focus.  A shift from measuring everything in your life based on the outside world to loving everything in your life based on your internal “knowing”.
When you know yourself really well, love yourself really well and trust yourself really well, your energy shifts, your confidence shifts, your connection shifts, your joy shifts and the mind-blowing life you're after starts appearing before your eyes.

It’s time to master the foundations of The Art of Hustling and let go of all the deep, soul-crushing fatigue and “not-enoughness” that is robbing you, and those you love, of a life you love every single day.
The Art of UNHustling - Foundations is here.

3 weeks. 6 sessions (3 Teaching Sessions & 3 Hot-Seat Coaching Sessions).


Your life, shifting.

Your career, shifting.

Your relationships, shifting.

A mind-blowing life, unveiling.


If you’ve gotten this far, you already know that this is for you.
Investment: $333 paid in full






Two monthly payments of $180.



Want 1:1 support from me during the course?

Add a half-day (4 hours) of personal Voxer (unlimited audio messages back on forth with personalized, focused coaching) for $250 (Paid in Full option only)

Total Investment: $583




***There are no refunds after a purchase is made.  Completing your transaction is acknowledgement that you understand this and agree to pay all amounts owed.

To accommodate world-wide time-zones and give everyone the best chance to participate live, I'm varying the times we meet for each session.

Here's the schedule:

July 27 - 9 am CST

July 29 - 2 pm CST

Aug. 3 - 11 am CST

Aug. 5 - 4 pm CST

Aug. 10 - 3pm CST

Aug. 12 - 10 am CST