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The She Speaks Community



What is the She Speaks Community?

The She Speaks Community is a purpose-driven executive and leadership communication and public speaking program designed and built exclusively for women. Our members are executives, founders, thought-leaders, and changemakers. Our members are public speakers, executives, founders, and thought-leaders. Their talks shape the direction and future of the world around them. Through the She Speaks Community, members grow into compelling messengers and speakers, resulting in more women who are confident, captivating leaders in our workforce, on our leadership teams, at our board tables, and on our national and international stages.

Why the She Speaks Community? 

The She Speaks Community is designed specifically and uniquely for women who want to become confident, compelling communicators, capable of leading communities, organizations, companies, and the world.  Most executive-level public speaking and communication coaching programs were either designed by men or are based on a more masculine point of view.


Women communicate differently than men. We speak differently, express ideas differently, choose words differently, move differently, experience challenges differently, build connection differently – and the list goes on. She Speaks offers a professional alternative for women in leadership, capitalizing on our natural communication strengths, abilities and style while addressing our unique challenges. We want every woman we work with to feel compelling, captivating and in-command whether she’s delivering a report to the board, making a pitch to investors or speaking on a stage in front of thousands.


Traditionally, this kind of executive caliber coaching has been reserved for the elite few in senior management, while those who could benefit most miss out.  The She Speaks Community is committed to bringing our powerful training and coaching to a broader audience of female leaders using both a digital and in-person approach.  This combination allows us to offer more accessible pricing for personal and company-sponsored memberships. 

What does the She Speaks Community include?

There are three membership levels for the She Speaks Community, each with it's own perks and benefits:

Annual Supporting Membership ($99) 

All of the above, plus Unlimited Live Members-Only Micro-Learnings (includes on demand recordings & written transcripts), Quarterly Group Coaching Sessions, and Special Member Pricing on She Speaks Programs (including the Intensive), Live Events and Private Coaching.

Free She Speaks Community

This level includes exclusive content, invitations to virtual live monthly conversations and gatherings, and early notification when applications open for the She Speaks Intensive Quarterly Cohort.

Click here for details and pricing.

She Speaks Intensive Cohort Membership 

By application only, this 12 week intensive membership level accepts new cohort members just four times a year. Over the course of twelve weeks, you'll develop your Talk That Matters through a hybrid program of individual and group coaching while working alongside your peers with the individual guidance of She Speaks Founder, Sarah Robinson. When you are accepted into a She Speaks Cohort, you’ll be connected to professional peers from across the country, each dedicated to developing her Talk That Matters. 

Why should companies sponsor a She Speaks member? 

In the past, executive-caliber public speaking coaching and training has been limited to an elite few.  According to the Harvard Business Review, private executive public speaking and communication coaches can cost anywhere from $200 to $3500 per hour. Traditional, masculine-based cookie cutter group coaching programs range from $5000 to $45,000, while executive conferences and training spanning 2-3 days can carry price tags between $5,000-$15,000 and that’s before travel and expenses. 


Research shows that professional training and development for women:

  • Increases job satisfaction and morale

  • Builds connection between women and their employers

  • Enhances career engagement and motivation to advance within the company

  • Increases the number of female business leaders

  • Enhances company reputation by demonstrating tangible support for diversity initiatives

Corporate Supporting Partner Memberships start at $350. If your company is interested in becoming a supporting partner, please schedule a call with Sarah here.

Custom Corporate Packages and Trainings are available. Please email Sarah –

Alain Poirier,
Nextiva, Inc.

Sarah's experience as a professional actress, executive life coach and keynote speaker give her a triple-threat combination of skills that deliver potent speaker training that sets today's executive leader apart.

Kati Quigley
Sr. Director, Marketing 

Every woman Sarah works with is drawn in by her dynamic energy. She  instills much needed confidence & clarity to skillfully and powerfully connect with, influence and inspire any audience - on the stage, in the room, at the table.  Sarah delivers the goods.

Camille Mackenzie
CEO + Co-Founder

​​What started as a simple need for pitch direction became so much more. Sarah became my cheerleader, my mentor, & my champion. Sarah gave me confidence when I doubted myself, wisdom when I was lost, and a smile when I was scared. She will inspire you in ways you didn’t know possible.

She Speaks Community (2640 x 924 px).png