Hi, I'm Sarah. 

Welcome to She Speaks, a decidedly different kind of communication and public speaking coaching and training consultancy. 


For over 25 years, I've been on the stage, behind the stage or teaching others to take the stage. First as a professionally trained actress, then as a best-selling author, c-suite executive consultant and international keynote speaker.


My client list includes Microsoft, Inc., The National Press Club, TEDx, the Legal Marketing Association,  the Professional Convention Management Association, the International Women in Business Association and many others. 

I am on a mission to help more women inspire, transfix and transform any audience, magnify their authority and maximize their impact and become a Woman of Influence on the stage, in the room or at the table.

She Speaks serves as a communication & public speaking training studio as well as a community exclusively for professional, high-achieving women who are ready to expand their influence, magnify their authority and maximize their impact through the She Speaks Approach to public speaking & communication.

If this sounds like you, welcome home.

About Me

Once-upon-a-time, I was incredibly self-conscious, riddled with self-doubt, and so uncomfortable in my own skin.  I was so terrified of looking or sounding stupid that I stayed in the background hoping no one would notice me.


Then, I discovered the stage.  Wonderful acting coaches and directors taught me that speaking easily, confidently and passionately in front of an audience was nothing more than a process and a skillset to be mastered.


Twenty-five years, countless national theatre productions and more speaking engagements than I can count later, I’m still using the same process and skillset (with a few updates) that launched me out of my shell and onto the stage all those years ago.

Now, I coach women to own any stage, captivate any audience (in-person or virtually) and deliver their message with power, substance, style and grace.


sprez·za·tu·ra: graceful, effortless conduct or performance.


Some nice things people have said about me.

Alain Poirier,
Nextiva, Inc.

Sarah's experience as a professional actress, executive life coach and keynote speaker give her a triple-threat combination of skills that deliver potent speaker training that sets today's executive leader apart.

Kati Quigley
Sr. Director, Marketing 

Every woman Sarah works with is drawn in by her dynamic energy. She  instills much needed confidence & clarity to skillfully and powerfully connect with, influence and inspire any audience - on the stage, in the room, at the table.  Sarah delivers the goods.

Camille Mackenzie
CEO + Co-Founder

​​What started as a simple need for pitch direction became so much more. Sarah became my cheerleader, my mentor, & my champion. Sarah gave me confidence when I doubted myself, wisdom when I was lost, and a smile when I was scared. She will inspire you in ways you didn’t know possible.

Coaching + Training


I got you.

I absolutely adore being on stage, in front of an audience, delivering my keynote, my talk, my message in a way that only I can.  My only focus when I'm speaking is serving each person in the room, helping them know more, do more, be more.


My enthusiasm for this work is contagious (just ask my clients).  Today, my greatest joy is empowering and equipping other women with the skills and the mindset they need to powerfully communicate as only a woman can.  

Why am I focused on women? Because we communicate differently. We work through challenges and ideas differently. We prepare differently. We find solutions differently. We move differently. We speak differently. We take the stage differently.

She Speaks is a safe space (online & in-person) to tap into those differences, and learn to use them as you step into the most powerful version of yourself and become A Woman of Influence.

People fear public speaking more than death & taxes. 

Does the idea of delivering a keynote or leading a workshop send your heart racing?

Do you need to prepare for an upcoming talk or meeting, but the very thought of it makes your palms start to sweat?

Do you own your own business but shy away from speaking about it because you feel like a deer caught in the headlights every single time?

Could you expand your impact by guest speaking on podcasts, at summits, on live video, if you only felt confident about what to say?

Would you seriously rather die or give the government lots and lots of money than master the mindset, energy & skills of powerful communication and public speaking?

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