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As Warren Buffet says, public speaking is THE crucial skill to develop if you want to substantially increase your value - both professionally and personally.  Mastering the art of high-impact communication, whether it's in an informal group setting, a high-stakes business presentation or a mainstage keynote, builds your confidence, allows you to connect with others, increases meaningful relationships and sets you apart as a leader.

If your looking for passive, cookie-cutter workshops, where you sit back and take notes without ever getting on your feet, our public workshops are NOT for you!

Upcoming Classes & Workshops

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Next Class: Tuesday, March 10, 5:30 pm - 8 pm, Practice Works

Registration: $99. 

  • Ready to have a compelling elevator pitch that tells people who you are and what you offer?

  • Want people to easily understand the advantages of working with you?

  • Need help clarifying what you do, who you help, and uncovering what separates you from the rest of the pack?

  • Know that you are really good at what you do, but are shaky when you start to talk about it?


This is class for YOU! 

During an intensive two and a half hours, we will roll  up our sleeves, define and refine who you serve, why people need the solution you offer, what benefits people experience working with you, and the difference those benefits make.


Then we will craft that into a script and practice putting it on it's feet.  This is probably the most important part of the workshop.  Practicing, or rehearsing, your script will help you refine it even more and find ways to make it sound relaxed, natural and, well, like you!


Imagine this: you walk into any room, any time, anywhere.

You feel confident telling people what you do.


You can have that right now.


Claim Your Seat!

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This workshop is part of the Executive Presence for Leaders Series

Next Class: Tuesday, March 17, Noon to 1 p.m., Practice Works

Registration: $25 (lunch is not included)

Have you ever been in a conversation with someone and they make you feel like you are the most interesting person they've ever talked to and they have all the time in the world to listen to you. And to top it off, they really understand what you're saying? 


This is how a great leader listens. 


We spend a lot of time talking about all kinds of leaderships skills and very rarely focus on the one that separates the so-so leaders from the great leaders. That skill is listening, really listening to those who are talking with you. Mastering this kind of listening requires effort, practice, and intentionality that few are willing to give it. That's why the leaders who can do it stand out from everybody else.

What kind of results do leaders who know how to listen get? More engaged, better performing employees and teams, reduction in employee turnover,  increased confidence, improved interpersonal relationships, stronger perception as a leader with promotion potential, just to name a few.

In the lunchtime, one-hour workshop, we will address three of the biggest obstacles to listening like a leader (and what to do about them) and learn three fundamental skills that will change the way you listen, respond, and lead forever.

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Half-Day Workshop

Upcoming Course Dates:

>>The next workshop will be in April, so watch for the announcement!<<


We will spend four fast-paced hours working on the two pillars of all great presentations - content and delivery. You will leave feeling confident in your ability to present in a way that engages, influences and inspires your audience to action, while still sounding relaxed and natural. 

Come prepared to get on your feet and out of your comfort zone.  Our half-day agenda covers:

A) Content that Connects - Two Hours.

Here we focus on what you want to say, why you want to say it and how you want to say it for maximum impact.  This is place where all great presentations are born and is often the place given the least attention.


We'll develop a content outline and explore content elements that you can use again and again.  You'll learn why it's important to convey your message without depending on a slide-deck (gasp!) to keep your audience engaged. 

B) Delivery and Performance that Lands- Two Hours

Great speakers, especially great speakers who seem to be speaking off-the-cuff, spend hours working on their delivery and performance. This is what makes their presentations so memorable.

Working in small groups, you'll learn how to take charge of the room as we dive into vocal range and how to use it, body language do's and don'ts, storytelling from the stage, and much more. You'll be on your feet, learning what and how to prepare and rehearse your presentation so that you can deliver with confidence and ease. 

Class Size:  Because this workshop is highly interactive and we want everyone to get as much coaching and feedback as possible, class size is limited to 10.

Cost: $229 EARLY BIRD (by Feb. 1) $179

Spotlight Coaching:

Two 20 minute spotlight coaching slots are available for this workshop.  A spotlight coaching session brings one student to the front of the room to work on content and/or delivery.  The student benefits from focused, personal coaching and the class benefits from seeing how to apply the workshop techniques and concepts to their own work.  To prepare for their spotlight sessions, these students will also receive written pre-work assignments and a 20 minute pre-workshop coaching call.

Cost for Spotlight Coaching & Half-Day Workshop: $329 EARLY BIRD (by Feb. 1) $279

Half-Day Workshop                                              Half-Day + Spotlight

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