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Thursday, February 20, 8:00 am - 10 am, Practice Works

Registration: $59 (Regularly $99) or $89 for you and a colleague who is NOT a Practice Works Member.

(Class Minimum of 5)

  • Ready to have a compelling elevator pitch that tells people who you are and what you offer?

  • Want people to easily understand the advantages of working with you?

  • Need help clarifying what you do, who you help, and uncovering what separates you from the rest of the pack?

  • Know that you are really good at what you do, but are shaky when you start to talk about it?


This is class for YOU! 

During an intensive two and a half hours, we will roll  up our sleeves, define and refine who you serve, why people need the solution you offer, what benefits people experience working with you, and the difference those benefits make.


Then we will craft that into a script and practice putting it on it's feet.  This is probably the most important part of the workshop.  Practicing, or rehearsing, your script will help you refine it even more and find ways to make it sound relaxed, natural and, well, like you!


Imagine this: you walk into any room, any time, anywhere.

You feel confident telling people what you do.


You can have that right now.


Claim Your Seat!


Single Registration $59

Registration for You and a Colleague who is NOT a Practice Works Member