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Hi! I'm Sarah.


I'm here to help you be a compelling, captivating and

in-command speaker.

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"You can improve your value by 50 percent just by learning communication skills–public speaking."

~Warren Buffet

About You

You know that how you speak and how you communicate – in person and on-camera - is a pivotal to your professional success – and personal happiness.  Whether you’re delivering your signature talk to your ideal audience, making your pitch to potential investors, or delivering your report to the board of directors, you want to be compelling, captivating and in command.

Even if you’ve been speaking and presenting for a while, it’s easy fall into the trap of thinking you should “just know” how to prepare to speak with that kind of impact, or worse, believing you really don’t need to prepare – you can just “wing it”.

Maybe you are

  • A CEO, preparing to deliver your report to the Board

  • A brand-new start-up, honing your pitching to potential investors

  • A senior leader, delivering a talk that will raise your professional profile

  • An author or artist, preparing for public appearances to promote your work

  • A seasoned entrepreneur, stepping into the public speaking arena for the first time.


And you know that nailing your performance is a high-stakes game. If you haven’t prepared correctly, your nerves make your heart race, you’re not sure what to do with your hands, you lose your train of thought, you talk too fast, you worry about what everyone is thinking, you can’t tell if your message is coming across clearly, and when you finally sit down, you realize you left out half of what you meant to say so your results are lackluster.

If this sounds familiar, and you want to wow the board, win the investment, or keep your audience spellbound, you can’t afford to guess about the best way to prepare.  You need a customized approach that fits you, your style, your message, and your audience like a glove.

About Me

For over 20 years, I've been on the stage or in front of the camera. First as a professionally trained actress at the National Shakespeare Theatre in Washington, DC, then as a best-selling author, c-suite consultant, and international keynote speaker. My client list includes Microsoft, Inc., MSNBC, The National Press Club, TEDx, the Legal Marketing Association, the Professional Convention & Meeting Planners Association, the International Women in Business Association and others.

I’ve worked with speakers at every level, selected speakers for events, sat at the board table, moderated the panels, and listened to the pitches.  I’ve seen speaking from every possible angle, and I’ve experienced a lot.  My “ring-side seat” on both sides of the table in the industry means I know the challenges and I know how to navigate them as you become the compelling, captivating and in-command speaker you want to be.

My unique combination of professional acting, keynote speaking, and c-suite consulting give me both the insight and the skillset you need as you begin expanding your influence, magnifying your authority and maximizing your impact as a speaker and presenter.  

Recently, I founded She Speaks, a communications and public speaking coaching program exclusively dedicated to working with executive and high-performing women. 

Most public speaking coaching and training out there was either designed by a man or is based on a masculine communication style. Because women communicate, move, problem-solve and build relationships so differently than men, I offer a professional alternative where women can learn to capitalize on those differences and deliver their messages as only a woman can.

About Us

If you’re ready to leave the guesswork behind as you prepare and step up your speaking to achieve the goals and the success you’re after, I can help. 

I invite just a few women at a time to become private clients because I'm known for giving incredible personal attention and support as we work through the She Speaks Approach.  If we decide that this is the right path for you, your unique situation, style and goals become my highest priority.

So that I can help more people beyond my intimate private consulting, I’ve created the Private 1:1 Masterclass Experience. It’s perfect for anyone who has a big speech, presentation or pitch coming up and needs help NOW.  You’ll get insights, feedback and targeted coaching to save you the stressful guesswork and put you on the path to achieving your goal.

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