Private 1:1 Masterclass Experience


Do you have a big board presentation, panel, media appearance, pitch or talk coming up

and want to get expert coaching and feedback in preparation for your big day? 


I've created the Private Masterclass Session just for you.

We accomplish A LOT in a Masterclass Session.  In fact, my clients tell me they get more out of this one session than they got out of spending weeks in a group program.  Your time is precious. Invest it wisely with a private masterclass session where all the focus will be on you and your public speaking and communications goals.

Who This Is For:

1) C-Level Executives and Non-Profit Leaders

  • Boost your charisma and stage presence

  • Articulate and sell your company/organization's vision in keynotes and media interviews

  • Inspire confidence and motivate your team

  • Gain investor and board member trust and advance your working relationship


CXO's from Small Private Companies to  Large Public Corporations, Tech Founders and Executives, Non-Profit Executives. 

2) Startup Founders & Entrepreneurs

  • Make a compelling pitch to investors and the press

  • Increase your know, like and trust factors with customers and clients

  • Ensure your pitch flows well from the intro to the ask

  • Tailor your pitch for competitions

  • Learn how to pitch one-on-one, panels, stadium or virtual



Founders and entrepreneurs who want to grow with their company, have business partners or are raising funding 

3) Speakers

  • Master your mindset to manage your energy (and nerves)

  • Sharpen your message content so that it captivates your audience

  • Show up on stage as a compelling, captivating speaker

  • Polish your delivery so that you command the stage with confidence

  • Learn the prep and rehearsal secrets used by top professional speakers.

4)  Professionals

  • Nail your next job interview or interview presentation

  • Be 100% ready for your next big work presentation

  • Prepare for your next leadership or management position

  • Open up new opportunities by overcoming your public speaking fears



Range from Mid-Management to VP-level in Product, Engineering, Data Science, Legal, Marketing, Project Management, Human Resources, Finance

Here's How The Private Masterclass Experience Works:

1) Pre-Session Prep Work:

A, Right after you book your session, I'll send you a brief questionnaire to help us drill down on your most important areas of focus.

B. Based on your responses, I'll send a customized session prep document specifically designed to help you get maximum value out of our time together.

C. I dedicate 20 minutes (in addition to your 90 minute session time) to reviewing your materials, including scripts, slides, videos, in preparation for our masterclass session..

2) Private 90 Minute Masterclass Session (Virtual or In-Person):

A. We'll spend 90 minutes together diving into your most pressing issues and your most important goals.

B. You'll work through the three pillars of the She Speaks Approach - mindset, content and delivery - with my expert guidance and coaching.

C. You can count on getting "on your feet" and learning the rehearsal process that will help you banish nerves, sharpen your content and deliver your message with influence, authority and impact.

3) Post Session Recording and Notes:

A. You'll immediately receive a link to the video recording of our session so you can review it as often as you need to.

B.  You'll receive a copy of my personal session notes, as soon as they are ready.

My Promise: You'll walk away from our time together with greater clarity, purpose and direction as well as specific action steps you can take to become an even more compelling, captivating and in-command speaker.

Still Have Questions?

If you have a big presentation, talk, pitch or media appearance coming up and your not sure whether a Private Masterclass Experience can help, you achieve your goals, click here to send me an email.  I respond to all of my emails personally and promptly. 

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