Transform your organization and the people in it with customized communication and public speaking training.

Every organization needs employees with great communication skills.  They’re the problem solvers. The team builders. The star presenters. The negotiators. The mediators. They know how to listen, ask the right questions and express their ideas. We'll work with you to design and deliver the workshops and training your people need to get there.

Birmingham Speaks Corporate Offerings

What We Do:

Because each person has a different communication style, we don't use a cookie-cutter approach to our corporate programs. Instead, we use real-world business experience combined with preliminary participant assessments to design workshops, courses and one-on-one sessions that deliver practical, actionable, results-driven communication training.

Our primary focus is teaching participants how to present an idea to a group in a confident, compelling way.  We've worked with those who need help with:

  • Creating and delivering a successful client presentation

  • Presenting ideas to a team or work group

  • Leading meetings that are action-oriented and productive

  • Communicating departmental activities and goals to management

Who We Work With:

  • C-Suite executives who present to external audiences

  • Managers who work with direct reports

  • Team leaders who drive team activities

  • Emerging leaders who need a stronger executive presence

  • Sales teams pitching to clients

How We Do It:

We offer in-house workshops and one-on-one coaching.  Using information gathered through observation, informal interviews and written assessments, Birmingham Speaks delivers customized solutions to your most pressing needs.

Executive Sessions:
To address the specific needs of senior management and c-suite executives, we offer private Executive Sessions.  Successful leaders effectively communicate their vision and strategy.  We'll help you sharpen your communication skills or strategize to meet a specific business challenge. By identifying the most effective ways to influence key audiences, executives and emerging executives will strengthen and refine their communication skills and learn to lead with clarity and confidence.

Want to know more about how Birmingham Speaks can help? Schedule your complimentary 30 Minute Discovery Call Here.  We can't wait to learn more about you. 

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