Corporate Programs


Want to make a rapid, powerful impact on your organization? My keynotes are designed for just that purpose.
With input from you, I customize my keynote content so that it speaks directly and specifically to your people, giving them the tools and the action plan they need to communicate with empathy, authority and impact.

Corporate Training

Transform your organization and the people in it with customized communication and public speaking training.

Every organization needs employees with great communication skills.  They’re the problem solvers. The team builders. The star presenters. The negotiators. The mediators. They know how to listen, ask the right questions and express their ideas. We'll work with you to design and deliver the workshops and training your people need to get there. 


Executive Sessions


Private leadership services and thought-partnerships customized to achieve your specific goals.


Successful leaders effectively communicate their vision and strategy.  We'll help you sharpen your communication skills or strategize to meet a specific business challenge. By identifying the most effective ways to influence key audiences, executives and emerging executives will strengthen and refine their communication skills and learn to lead with clarity and confidence.