About BirminghamSpeaks


"No matter the venue, Sarah's dynamic energy leaves participants with pages of notes and actionable items. If you want to create Fierce Loyalty for your brand, your team or your entire organization, Sarah delivers the goods."

   - Kati Quigly, Senior Director of Marketing,

Meet the Founder


Hi, I'm Sarah Robinson. I've spent over 30 years on the stage - first as a professionally trained Shakespearian actress, then as an author, business owner and keynote speaker. (You can find me at www.fierce-loyalty.com.)  I am on a mission to help others lead, inspire and transform their careers, their relationships and their lives through the art of high-impact communication.


I founded BirminghamSpeaks as both a professional development organization that provides training in communication and public speaking as well as a community for those who are ready to transform the world around them through the power of communication.

Our ability to communicate is what connects us, moves us and inspires us.  And yet we spend very little time making sure we do it well.  As we become more and more isolated behind our screens and tech, the need for those who can meaningfully communicate with others has never been greater.


I've been fortunate enough to train with truly masterful communicators (Shakespeare is at the top of that list) and speak to hundreds of groups - in meetings, in workshops and on international stages. I've worked with leaders and emerging leaders, helping them hone their communication skills so that they positively impact those around them.


My client list includes Microsoft, MSNBC, Inc., The National Press Club, TEDx, the Credit Union Executive Society, the Legal Marketing Association, the Professional Convention Management Association, the International Women in Business Association and many others. 

I look forward to helping you master the art of high-impact communication.


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